Our Values 

  • Dignity. Each member of TGEA will be respected as a person of dignity. Who you are is more important than how you look.
  • Privacy. TGEA is a safe environment for our members and their partners to discover and explore their unique gender expressions. We will provide a place to learn and socialize without fear of exposure to others outside of TGEA.
  • Acceptance. We accept the diversity in others as we expect to be accepted ourselves. The sexual orientation or life/transition goals of our members are as varied as our membership. All are welcome within TGEA.
  • Support. It is expected that every member of TGEA support other members. Each of us has been helped in some way by another, and in turn, we offer our support to others.
TGEA exists to provide an accepting environment for transgendered people and their partners in which to explore and develop their full personalities.  We endeavor to reach those closeted transgendered people in the metropolitan and surrounding areas with a positive message and offer them an alternative to living in a closet.
We will fulfill this mission through:
  1. Respecting the privacy of our members. We will insure the confidentiality of member identity and other membership information.
  2. Insuring that new members and guests of TGEA are welcomed and offered the assistance of a sponsor to help them as they explore their gender expressions.
  3. Enhancing member self image and confidence by providing education programs, and opportunities to expand social interaction through fostering of non-meeting activities.
  4. Conducting an effective outreach to local organizations that have an interest in, and interact with, the TG community.
  5. Providing a reliable source of current information and referral to all inquiries
  6. Promoting and supporting the efforts of the other TG group in the area.