TGEA Membership Standards of Behavior

(Revised August, 2001)

As a member of the TransGender Educational Association, it is expected that you will faithfully and carefully observe these Standards of Behavior to assure the security and comfort of all members of TGEA, including yourself.
  1. A TGEA member shall never pry into the personal details of other members or attendees by asking specific personal questions (where they live, occupation etc.) Any exchange of personal information shall be voluntary and without expectation of reciprocity.
  2.  If a TGEA member gains personal information about another member or attendee, either directly or inadvertently, that information is to be kept private. TGEA members shall not share the personal information (occupation, phone numbers, etc.) of other members or attendees without that person's consent.
  3. A TGEA member may bring guests to meetings, however that member will escort and be personally responsible for the guest's conduct. Each guest should be advised of, and consent to, the TGEA standards of behavior.
  4. A TGEA member shall not divulge the meeting location to individuals who are not their personal guest. If an individual asks for information concerning TGEA, direct that person to the Membership Director, any TGEA officer, TGEA mailbox, or web page.
  5. Upon encountering other TGEA members or meeting attendees in public, members are expected to be guarded in their communications, avoiding any potential for violating another's privacy. Unless a prior understanding exists, members should not openly acknowledge their connection through TGEA. This policy is extended to all former members, especially to transitioned and/or post-operative transsexuals. 
  6. Non-Member participants at TGEA meetings (presenters, vendors and guests) shall be afforded the same privacy as any attendee. 
  7. A TGEA member shall not approach another member or attendee in a sexual way at any TGEA event.
  8. A TGEA member shall not bring illegal drugs or weapons to any TGEA event. Members shall not bring alcohol to meetings held on church grounds.
  9. A TGEA member is expected to dress in a dignified manner appropriate to the meeting place.
  10. TGEA members are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen.
Failure to observe these Standards of Behavior may result in the restriction, suspension or termination of your membership as covered in Article 4, Section IV of the Bylaws of the TransGender Educational Association of Greater Washington, as amended.