Why is membership a good value?

Of course membership is a good value! (did you honestly think I was going to say anything else?) You get a lot for your money. You might be thinking that you’ll skip joining and will just attend individual meetings as a guest at the nonmember rates - bad idea, it will cost you more in the long run!

Scenario #1

You decide not to pay for a $50 membership because you only plan to come to meetings half the time. You Horizontal line —>attend 6 meetings in a year, paying the full nonmember meeting fee rate of $20 (total of $120). You decide to attend the Gala, paying the full rate (extra $10 over member rates).

So you are spending $130 for the year. You are not allowed to borrow from the library. You cannot vote in the elections. You cannot be on the Board. You do not get the newsletter.

Scenario #2

You do pay the $50 fee and join as a full member receiving the electronic newsletter. You pay the member rate at 6 meetings at a rate of $10 (total of $60). You attend the Gala, paying the member rate.

So you are spending a total of $110 for the year. You can borrow from the library. You can vote in elections. You can be on the board. And you get the electronic version of the newsletter.

Conclusion: TGEA membership is a good value - it saves you money!

I still have questions, who do I contact?

You contact the TGEA membership director through the Contacts page.