Who is membership for?

The short version is:

TGEA is a transgender organization.

Membership in TGEA is open to anyone! We have members who are transsexuals, male to female and female to male, pre-op, post-op, non-op, non-transitioning, partially transitioning, and fully transitioned. We also have members who are crossdressers, gender blenders, and androgynous. We have partners, significant others, family members, friends, and allies (SOFFAs). TGEA provides a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for everyone to join together. We think the wide diversity of our members helps strengthen the organization.

The long story is:

Membership in TGEA is open to any person who has reached the age of 18 who perceives their gender role to be different from what is expected of the gender assignment made at birth; to a spouse, relationship partner, or significant other of that person; and to anyone who has an interest in such behavior - with the exception of those person(s) or organization(s) whose intent is to take advantage of those with a differing gender role. Individuals under the age of 18 may attend TGEA membership meetings if accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Membership is an agreement between the individual and the Transgender Education Association for a one (1) year term from the date of original paid membership. During that period, the member agrees to pay all dues and fees in the manner agreed upon between the member and the Treasurer. Also, a member attending an official TGEA function agrees to comply with the TGEA Bylaws and any other rules established and posted. Membership is not transferable or assignable.

A spouse, relationship partner, or significant other of a member who is not a member themselves, may still enjoy all privileges of a member with the exception of voting or chairing a committee or holding office.

Nonmembers may attend meetings either as the guest of a member or after contacting TGEA leadership and undergoing a personal interview. All nonmembers must adhere to the standards of behavior. A member hosting a nonmember(s) vouches for the nonmembers conduct at the meetings.

TGEA is an equal opportunity organization. Membership shall not be denied, qualified or terminated for any reason other than for behavior detrimental to the good of the association as a whole or to any of its members

(I told you it was the long story!)