Is there a cost for attending meetings?

No, there is not a fee for attending meetings. There is a suggested donation. These donations pay for food, drink, plates, cups, napkins and tableware. By suggesting a small donation at the meeting we have the flexibility to scale up or down with the food and drink depending on how many people attend the meetings. If we didn’t have the donation, we would have to charge a larger membership fee to cover the maximum possible number of people attending the meetings. We want to keeps costs low, and still keep flexible, and the meeting donation allows us to do just that.

What are the membership options?

There are two options:

  1. Full member with electronic newsletter.
  2. Hardcopy mailed newsletter.

There are really only two types of membership - member and non-member. 

What does membership cost?

The different membership options are priced as follows:

  1. Full member with electronic newsletter, costs $50.
  2. Hardcopy mailed newsletter, $15 additioinal.
  3. Prepaid meeting fees, $95 additional.

 Disclaimer - These prices are for the 2011 to 2012 membership year and may change in future years.

What do I get for membership?

You get a number of tangible benefits

  1. You get member rates for the Holiday Gala, usually a discount off the nonmember rate.
  2. You get borrowing privileges with the TGEA Library collection of 100+ Books and Videos.
  3. You get to run for any Board position and vote in all Board members elections.
  4. You get access to the TGEA newsletter.
  5. You get to know a group of wonderful people!
  6. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the efforts of TGEA to serve the needs of the Transgender community.

Another less obvious, though highly valuable, benefit is getting access to people who have been in your situation. Maybe not your exact situation, but probably close enough that you’ll find someone who gets it. TGEA members are generally happy to share their experiences, and knowledge with other members. TGEA members are a wonderful resource to have access to!

What does my membership fee pay for?

The membership fee helps pay for the following:

  • Guest speakers & programs
  • Website
  • Newsletter printing & mailing
  • Library
  • Outreach materials
  • Holiday Gala subsidy
  • Corporate fees
  • Post office box
  • All those miscellaneous things that come up out of the blue!

Without your membership fees TGEA will not be able to afford any of the above. Other than membership fees the only income for TGEA is the monthly meeting fees, advertising in the pinnacle, and tax deductible donations. So, yes, we need the membership fees if we are to keep TGEA as the longest operating organization dedicated to the Transgender community in the local Washington DC region.