TGEA Rules and Procedures for Membership

TGEA Rules and Procedures for Membership

Version 1.0, August, 2012
Membership is an agreement between the individual and the Transgender Education Association for up to a one (1) year term.   The annual membership runs from September 1 to August 31 of the next year.  New members may join at any time during the year, and will be charged prorated dues according to the following schedule:
Date of new member joining … . % of annual dues charged
      Sept 1 – Nov 30 … … … … … . 100%
      Dec 1 – Feb 28 (29) … … … … . . 75%
      Mar 1 – May 31 … … … … … . .  50%
      June 1 – Aug 31 … … … … … . . 25%
Existing members renewing late will pay the full annual rate in order to renew their memberships.  Existing members shall be given a 2 month grace period for renewing their membership before their full memberships are terminated. Membership dues are not refundable.
During that period, the member agrees to pay all dues and fees in the manner agreed upon between the member and the Treasurer. Also, a member attending an official TGEA function agrees to comply with the TGEA Bylaws and any other rules established and posted. Membership is not transferable or assignable.
All memberships are owned by the association and assigned to the individuals who meet its standards and pay appropriate dues. A membership may not be shared, transferred, divided or inherited.
TGEA is an equal opportunity organization. Membership shall not be denied, qualified or terminated for any reason other than for behavior detrimental to the good of the association as a whole or to any of its members. Candidates for membership must:
  • Request membership by completing a membership application
  • Agree to adhere to the TGEA Bylaws, and Standards of Behavior
  • Pay the appropriate membership dues, or request a dues waiver from the Board and be granted the waiver.
A candidate for membership is accepted or denied based on the candidate¹s willingness to comply with the established policies, rules and regulations.  Candidates who have had their membership previously revoked may be denied membership at the discretion of the Board.  
A spouse, relationship partner, or significant other of a member who is not a member themselves, may still enjoy all privileges of a member with the exception of voting or chairing a committee or holding office.
Nonmembers may attend meetings. All nonmembers must adhere by the Standards of Behavior.  A member hosting a nonmember(s) vouches for the nonmember¹s conduct at the meetings.
Termination, Restriction or Suspension of Membership:
Membership privileges may be suspended, terminated or revoked for violating the Bylaws, Standards of Behavior or for behavior detrimental to the good of the organization.  When such conditions are brought to the attention of the Board, the Board shall take actions to determine the veracity and severity of the possible violations, and shall determine a suitable response, which shall include a range of actions including suspension of membership and being barred from any association activities.
Rights of Membership
All members, upon being approved for membership as above and paying the appropriate dues, will enjoy the rights and privileges of the Association and are invited to attend all meetings, receive newsletters, are eligible to run for Board positins, serve on and chair committees, and participate in all votes put to the general membership.
A member may resign their membership at any time by putting their intent in writing to the Secretary. Dues are not refundable.  Membership privileges are terminated on resignation.