I’m ready to join, what do I do now?

It’s pretty easy to join. To protect our members’ privacy, we interview all potential members to make sure they understand what TGEA is all about, and what our code of conduct and standards of behavior entail. The process of joining roughly follows these steps:

  1. Contact the membership director to schedule an interview. The TGEA membership director can be reached through the Contacts page. The interviews are normally done in person.
  2. Be familiar with the TGEA Bylaws, and Standards of Behavior. This will be discussed during the interview to ensure you understand them.
  3. Complete a membership application, and pay the dues. A membership form can be found further down on this page.
  4. Agree to adhere to the TGEA Bylaws and Standards of Behavior. Your signature on the membership form is your formal agreement to adhere to these items.

You may also attend a meeting to see if TGEA is what you are looking for. The membership director will be able to tell you more about attending a meeting as a potential member (potential members only have to pay the member rate for that one meeting).

The TGEA board will authorize scholarships for those potential members who are in financial situations such that they cannot afford the membership and meeting fees. These situations are addressed on a case by case basis - if you think this applies to you, we ask that you please contact the President (found on the contacts page) directly.

Membership Forms ***

To download a membership form in PDF format, click Membership Form PDF

To use the online form, click Membership Form

*** Not Available to the General Public; Accessible only to Logged In TGEA Members