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The Washington-Baltimore Alliance (WBA)

Type of organization: Social/support group for all transgendered persons. Membership is primarily heterosexual crossdressers, and support is informal, peer-based. In the past, WBA has had many activities for its membership outside its regular meeting location.

Meeting Time & Location: Usually Every Third Saturday of the Month, except July and August. Location is confidential and given after either a telephone or personal interview. Meeting fees and other information is available on the WBA website.

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Gender Identity Group

Type of Organization: Social/support group for all transgendered persons.

The Gender Identity Group is a peer-to-peer support group for people with gender identity issues, their friends and their families. We focus on the the real life issues facing transgendered, transsexual (both MtoF and FtoM), genderqueer, a-sexual and cross-dressing people, or anyone experiencing any gender identity based issue. The group encourages an open exchange of information, ideas and experiences.

The GLCCB, located in Baltimore City, offers a safe place for GIG to meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8pm until 10pm. BTMA, a sub-group of GIG, focuses on the needs of transmen and meets on the 4th Saturday of each month from 6pm to 8pm. Tranquility, GIG's other sub-group, focuses on the needs of transwomen and meets on the 4th Saturday of each month from 8pm to 10pm. Starting September 13, 2008, GIG will also offer a support group for partners of trans people, called Ð fittingly - ÒPartners of Trans PeopleÓ. It meets in the same time slot as the GIG meetings Ð second Saturdays of each month from 8 to 10 pm.

If you feel uncomfortable presenting in public, space is provided starting 1/2 hour before each meeting to change into the gender specific style you wish to present. Please feel free to attend anyway you feel comfortable. We offer a relaxed setting. Family and friends are welcome to attend. No membership or pre-registration is required.

Attendees generally adjourn to a local restaurant or nightclub to socialize after the meeting.

Meeting Time & Location: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB), 241 W. Chase St. in Baltimore, second floor, and starts at 8:PM and lasts until 10:PM. There are no fees or dues.

BTMA (FTM) group Contact: Ian at BTMA

Contact: GIG Gender Identity Group

Mailing Address: Gender Identity Group, c/o GLCCB, 241 W. Chase Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201-4870

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Type of organization: Social/support group for heterosexual crossdressers and their significant others.

The Baltimore chapter of Tri-Ess, Chi Epsilon Sigma, meets the fourth Saturday of each month from 7:30 to 11:00pm in a secure location near the Baltimore-Washington Airport.

New members need to first make email contact. This will be followed by a phone interview and a face-to-face interview.

For more information, visit their website.

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