Transgender Education Association (TGEA) is one of several Transgender organizations that claim Washington, DC Metro Area as home.  TGEA was established in 1982, and we trace our roots back over thirty years to Delta Chi, one of the earliest “open” groups to support all who define themselves as transgendered.   In 1987, we redefined ourselves as an educational association, founded in the desire to support our current membership as well as reach out to other transgender people and the community at large.  In 1999, we became incorporated as a non-profit corporation.  In 2011, TGEA became a 501(c)(3). TGEA currently meets at: 

Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
4444 Arlington Blvd
Lower Level
Arlington, VA 22204-1399

  • Mission

    As a non-profit corporation, TGEA seeks to serve the needs and interests of all the people in the gender community, those affected by our community and those who serve our community. Read more....

  • Values

    Our Values and Mission include maintaining the privacy and dignity of our members and allies, and providing a safe environment to develop socially and meet others on the same journey.  Read more....

  • Standards of Behavior

    The Standards of Behavior will guide you in the acceptable behavior and the norms of the organization. Please read the Standards before coming to the meeting so that you know what to expect. Read more....

  • TGEA Bylaws

    The TGEA Board of Directors have over the past several years found issues with the current TGEA Bylaws.  The current Bylaws include materials, topics and unnecessary details that normally are not in Bylaws.  Within the following section you will find proposed updates to the current TGEA Bylaws.  Read more....