Welcome to the Transgender Education Association, Inc.  

Our organization is over 30 years old and our primary mission is to help those who identify within the transgender spectrum.  Since 1982, TGEA has been dedicated to educating, helping and supporting transgendered individuals, their Significant Others, Families, and Friends.  
Our web site is our online outreach program and is provided as a resource for members of the Transgender Community.  Whether you are curious about the transgender world, or are comfortably living in the gender that suits you, we hope you will find this web site to be a useful resource.  It contains information and resources for those seeking a better understanding of what being transgender means for their lives.  It is not a site for erotic or sexual content. 
Do not forget to stop in and check the events page for activaties, new events are always being added.
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    Special Thank You goes out to Julian Gladstone.
  • Julian provided us copies of his autobiography entitled, “Never Climbed His Mountain.”  Julian’s book is a finalist in the National INDIE Excellence Book Awards for 2013.
  • Julian was born of the Great Depression, served as a World War II navigator/bombardier in the Eight Air Force, and is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business. Without the benefit of the Internet, Julian relates his story of living, learning and dealing with being TG.  You may also follow his blog posts at: MYTHS, FALLACIES AND MOST THERAPISTS WITHOUT A CLUE.
    Upcoming First Sat TG Gathering is 7 March 2015.  7pm.  Girls’ Night Out at the annual Unitarian Church musical “Children of Eden;” (upstairs from our normal meeting place); Unitarian Church, Arlington, VA. (Should be fun, and well done – they had auditions — but also is an outreach opportunity to meet the non TG attending the musical.) Let’s make a hit with everyone there!
    Board Meeting is scheduled for 8 March 2015, 2pm.  All members are welcome to attend.  For details please contact us via email.
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